Radar Trailer Playlist – July 2016

Aaaaaand ... here's our film trailer playlist for this month:


So what kind of Summer Blockbusters can we expect from Russia?

The answer lies in director Alex Mizgiryov 's "Duelist (???????)". It's a period set action film following the adventures of professional duellist, apparently.  Although I'm a bit rusty when it comes to my Russian, but at least, the thing is looking gorgeous. What do you think?


A Monster Calls

Spanish director J..A. Bayonne, famous for his visually striking films like "The Orphanage", continues to explore childhood fears with this latest work "A Monster Calls". I'm still not quite sure what to make of this. It feels like a mix of "The Iron Giant" and Pan's Labyrinth" - which sounds great, but is no guarantee of success. Let's say that we're extremely curious to see the final result.


League of Gods

After Russia, it's China's turn to show us what they have in store for the Summer season. "League of Gods" sounds like a Chinese version of the X-Men, mixed with local legends.The story and execution look messy as hell, but it also surely looks like the visual ride is quite worth it (and Jet Li's in it...:-)

Have a look:

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