Stage Impressions: Cold Blood

After their incredible show "Kiss & Cry", belgian director Jaco Van Dormael ("Toto le héros","Le 8ème Jour",...) and Michèle Anne de Mey are at it again.

5614aba535700fb92f7ee247"Cold Blood" uses the same concept: the stage is filled with minature sets with are shot and streamed live onto a huge cinema screen.


The dancers are using their hands to perform the choreographies taking place inside the minatures.


Next to the sheer  poetry that emanates from these images, the audience is also the witnessing the whole technical and creative process of the show as everything which is seen on the screen is being performed live on stage.

There is no use in properly reviewing this show as is has to be seen - no, let me re-phrase that: It has to be lived, to be felt.  So, if you have the opprotunity of catching the show (they are currently touring - check with your local theatre program) please, do yourself a favour and go feel this incredible show.

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